Saint Lawrence night on the “bridge to the moon”: extraordinary tibetan bridges night opening

On August 10 from 9 p.m. at Sasso di Castaldain the province of Potenza, Digital Lighthouse with the support of Red Bull Energy Drink will transform the dream of getting the most impressive experience on St. Lawrence night into reality: dangling in the air, being immersed in the pristine nature and among falling stars, on the most spectacular Tibetan bridge in Italy. That night will become a thrilling adventure along the sky path of the record bay of the Bridge to the Moon, which is 300 meters long, 120 meters from the ground. The walk on the Bridge to the Moon, on St. Lawrence night, will lead to an astronomical observatory set up for the occasion on the fascinating glass skywalk anchored to the rocks of the village of Sasso di Castalda. The Bridge to the Moon, named so as a tribute to NASA engineer Rocco Petrone, whose origins are precisely from Sasso di Castalda, who led the first man on the Moon with Apollo 11 mission and served as director of launch operations at Kennedy Space Center and of the entire Apollo Program, will host the music of the exclusive Volvo Sugga, the Red Bull mobile vehicle that will transform the terraces of the village into an ethereal lounge bar under a starry sky. The event, made possible by the far-sightedness of the municipal administration of Sasso di Castalda, who believed in the realization of the new macro-attraction of the Basilicata region, will be filmed entirely by a television crew.
Watch the video that presents the event.


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